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50th Anniversary Chardonnay

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To commemorate fifty years of Barrett Family stewardship, we created a member-exclusive, limited-production Chardonnay. Honoring the rebirth of Montelena and the wine that started it all, this anniversary vintage is crafted as a blend of the three original vineyards that made up the legendary 1973 Chardonnay. In homage to the historical Montelena label, this set is designed with special packaging and each bottle is hand-waxed.

The Story Behind the Wine

The idea for this wine emanated from a moment of personal reflection, amidst a serendipitous conversation with Bo Barrett that meandered between where we’ve been and where we’re going. With the 50th Anniversary of Barrett Stewardship approaching, why not create a Chardonnay that embodies the family’s gratitude and legacy? Far from a replica of years past, we set out to reimagine the foundation that galvanized our success. In many ways this wine is an anachronistic throwback: a blend of three tremendous vineyards that undoubtedly stand on their own. However, in the modern pursuit of viticultural purity, it’s easy to overlook their synergies, palpable only after time. The result is a gorgeous wine that combines all of what we’ve learned at Montelena in the last half century, but explored through the nuanced lens of these three distinct vineyards and regions.

-Winemaker Matt Crafton