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2022 Potter Valley Riesling


Wine Notes

The cyclical rhythm of agriculture is easily overlooked in our frenetic world. Far from being monotonous or banal, it’s a vitalizing tie back to the land and at its essence provides the context and meaning for enjoying life: the time for growth is short. The beginning of a new season ushers in hope and promise, while harvest prompts reflection and, ideally, satisfaction. This perspective endures with perhaps even more gravitas as a vineyard reaches the end of its life. The small, secluded block in which our Riesling originated 30 years ago is in the process of being replanted and thus reborn. The potential of new vines and their future expression in this wine is exciting. As the same time, it’s important to cherish and appreciate the greatness of these last few vintages.

-Winemaker Matt Crafton

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