2019 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc


Wine Notes

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The decision to release the Sauvignon Blanc is an exciting one at Montelena. This bottling is always the first wine of the vintage to be released and there’s a healthy sense of anticipation along with a reflection upon the previous harvest. The Sauvignon Blanc’s development in the cellar and bottle is a relatively short one at just six months; but it’s that recency that so robustly ties our actions with what we experience in the glass. The window of time is a microcosm of our winemaking and the enjoyment we experience is both the distillation and satisfaction of all of the decisions made. Perhaps, most importantly, that first sip inspires us to thoughtfully consider the growing season, as the vines begin to bloom. That potential certainly heightens our enjoyment in the moment and fuels our creativity for what’s to come.