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2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay

Wine Notes

I remember standing at the press as the first squeeze from our first lot of Chardonnay in 2019 began to trickle into the pan…and thinking WOW. Even at 6am and at that stage – cold juice scarcely 2 hours removed from the vine – it was clear that the potential for an effusive, rich, complex wine was there. The excitement lasted scarcely 10 seconds before it was time to get to work; time to envision, time to make (irreversible) decisions, and time to act. Seeing the potential, the mosaic in our minds, is one thing. Being naturally curious and receptive to new, creative ideas is another. But it’s in the translation, the execution, and the eventual realization of what’s finally in the glass that’s the greatest challenge yet ultimately the most gratifying.

-Winemaker Matt Crafton