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2018 Estate Zinfandel


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Wine Notes

The cyclical nature of viticulture invites us to experience and celebrate renewal each growing year. Tender, new growth on the vines arrives with a sense of optimism, ushering in spring, and enticing the beholder to both appreciate and live in the moment. The iridescent green, yellow, and slightly pink buds burst from dormancy, in stark contrast to the weathered bark surrounding them. It’s quite a sight that is both familiar and at the same time, novel. That puzzle is fitting as the 2018 vintage marks a return to our Estate Zinfandel, the first since 2012. Some of the vines are new, but the profile is recognizable and classic. After five years of replanting our Estate Vineyard, this wine makes its triumphant return, something we can all celebrate.

-Winemaker Matt Crafton

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