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2018 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Notes

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We believe our sense of stewardship along with a healthy, long-term perspective have been essential to Montelena’s success over the past 50 years. The Estate Vineyard, situated adjacent to the Chateau at the base of Mount St. Helena, profoundly embodies that outlook.

From the beginning, the focus has been on farming the right way, instead of the convenient way. The right way takes time. The right way demands continuous investment. The right way encourages learning, adaptation and improvement.

Most importantly, while the right way is always an option, it’s rarely the most convenient one for many wineries. But decades of careful attention, good decision-making, and a focus on vineyard health have aligned what’s best for the soil, best for the wine, and yes, best for this family farm. Even though the right way isn’t always the most expedient way, it’s the only option we consider. This is Montelena at its best.