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2013 Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


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Wine Notes

We take great pride in the stewardship of this very special Estate vineyard, under our care for the last 50 years. Even a casual visit to Burgundy or Bordeaux readily reveals family plots that have existed and thrived for centuries. This relationship between the farmer and his field is a true partnership, and underscores man’s role as an integral part of terroir. In discussing topography, climate, and geology—what most consider to be the essence of the site—it’s easy to forget the careful hands that plant the vines, till the soil, and prune the canes. For the farmer, it takes persistent dedication, purpose, and perspective to be successful. But more importantly, it’s the understanding that each vintage isn’t a sprint, but an individual leg of a multi-decade marathon. Only under the careful guidance of an experienced, devoted team can the fullest potential of any vineyard be achieved. At Chateau Montelena, the proof of that success is in the tenure of our team, the nature of our site, and the utmost quality of our fruit. The result is an age-worthy wine that showcases the classic balance of Old World structure and New World ripeness.

-Winemaker Matt Crafton


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