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  • 2010 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 3.0 liter bottle

2010 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 3.0L

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In our world, there are three kinds of growing seasons: cool, warm, and “just right.”  Any vineyard can produce great cabernet in a “just right” aka “Goldilocks” year; however, the best sites rise above the pack in challenging years.  Cooler vintages, in particular, exemplify the truly exceptional nature of this piece of landthe grapes receive the prolonged hang time that is ideal for flavor development without getting baked by excess heat.  These conditions enable us to craft classic, Old World-styled wines that showcase the incredible fruit our Estate produces.

Wines produced in cooler vintages like 2010 tend to be quieter and more subdued upon release than the noisier, hot vintages.  Nonetheless, these wines will evolve with unmatched grace and elegance.  Perhaps the wine is simply echoing the long, steady growing season and extended time on the vine as it develops in the bottle.  Who knows for sure, but whatever the case, you can expect great things from this year’s offering of the Chateau Montelena Estate.

-Winemaker Cameron Parry

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