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2009 Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

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Wine Notes

One of the historical attributes of the Montelena Estate Cabernet has always been its ageability and longevity. Here at Montelena, we’re all about the pursuit of excellence. By focusing on how we farm, pick and ferment the grapes, the wine is integrated beautifully across all layers when first released, while retaining the core elements that ensure a long life in the cellar.

2009 was the first of a three-year string of cooler vintages. While not as cool or as late as 2010 or 2011, this year was defined by the long and very moderate growing season that was absent of any major heat events (very unusual) and also by the warm, late harvest. We saw excellent flavor development and maturity in all of our Estate Vineyard fruit this season with lower-than-average sugar levels – perfect for the balanced and restrained, classic Montelena style. The spring rains and moderate conditions all season, combined with the lack of major heat events, resulted in a record-size harvest – a nice change from the meager 2008 crop. This is a pattern that we’ve seen before – we’ll have a small harvest one year, followed by a record or near-record harvest the next – for example ’04 & ’05.

-Former Winemaker, Cameron Parry

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