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The Comparative Magnum Set

One of the historical attributes of the Montelena Estate Cabernet has always been its ageability and longevity.

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The Cool Vintages Etched Magnum Set

Any vineyard can produce great Cabernet in a “Goldilocks” year, but only the best sites triumph in the most challenging of years.

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At the top of the Napa Valley

The Estate Vertical

Released from our cellar, The Estate Vertical will be the highlight of any wine collection.

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The 15 Year Revisit

Nature never fails to tuck a few diamonds in the rough throughout the Napa Valley, especially here at the Montelena Estate.

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Always drink upstream of the bend

Drought Vintage Magnum Set

Making great wine takes time, experience, instinct … and a little bit of luck.

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The Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Trio

One of the most important virtues in wine and winemaking is restraint.

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At the top of the Napa Valley

The Chardonnay Vertical

Consistency is one of the hallmarks of Montelena wine, and our Chardonnay is no exception.

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Father's Day BBQ Kit

Just in time for Father’s Day, purchase the kit that has everything Dads love.

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Always drink upstream of the bend

Virtual Trio

Our Virtual Trio serves as a perfect introduction to three of our core wines. Join us virtually on October 6th at 4:30pm PST.

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The Estate Connoisseur

Our forty-year legacy allows us to craft wine with the utmost dedication and attention to detail.

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At the top of the Napa Valley

The Flagship Portfolio

Chateau Montelena wines are recognized for capturing the unique, site-driven qualities of each varietal. Observe the intricacies of three time-honored Montelena varietals with The Flagship Portfolio.

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Cabernet Sauvignon Set

The perfect duo for the Cabernet Sauvignon enthusiast.

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Always drink upstream of the bend

Introductory Set

Whether sharing your passion for Montelena wines with loved ones or seeking a comparative set to taste on your own, our Introductory Set is the perfect preface with three of our core wines.

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Montelena Essentials Set

Taste our most popular Napa Valley varietals with the Montelena Essentials Set or cellar for years to come.

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