2017 Potter Valley Riesling bottle shot

2017 Potter Valley Riesling

I love sharing our Riesling when I travel. Primarily, it's because very few people actually know that we make Riesling and even fewer have tried it. But, secondarily, and this is my favorite part, I really enjoy the responses I get when I offer someone a glass. By far, the most common reply is some flavor of "No thank you. I don't drink sweet wine." Once I coax them into a taste, however, few don't finish the glass. 

Nose Ripe apple and pear along with a touch of ginger initially dominate the subtle tropical and floral aromas that characterize this Riesling. With some patience, however, the bouquet transitions to rose petals, fresh peach, and pineapple, all of which should be familiar to those who've enjoyed this wine in the past.

Palate Viscous and rich with hints of honey, lemon bar, and mango, the palate embodies what we consider to be the best expression of Riesling in a ripe vintage. The texture is creamy but not cloying as the latent acid provides the necessary balance and finesse. 

Finish More stone fruit along with cinnamon and some vanilla break through on the finish as does a subtle mineral undertone, the depth and breadth of which should only increase with time in bottle. 

Vintage Weather

In cooler vintages, the key to enjoyable Riesling is hang-time on the vine. In ripe vintages such as 2017, the goal is simply balance. When harvested at just the right time, the results are nothing short of sublime. For this vintage, we picked the small, Potter Valley vineyard block in two passes, 72 hours apart, to ensure the vibrant acidity, critical to the longevity of this wine, and to capture the rich, lush character of the growing season.


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