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It All Starts with Curiosity.



Curious minds are never satisfied.

At Montelena, we question everything — convention, past methodologies, or how we can do something just a little bit better.

With the freedom to explore, we have the privilege to learn. And by asking ourselves why, we can better understand the path to how.

With a 14-decade legacy comes the responsibility for further growth and we refuse to rest on our laurels.

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We pay homage to our heritage by innovating, not imitating.

Chateau Montelena has a celebrated history, and the Judgment of Paris is just one chapter.

Modern technology does not replace people or the art in winemaking but expands our creative potential. There are no formulas here.

Careful consideration drives every project with the determination to build our future.

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We honor our terroir

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Fifty years of Barrett ownership have cultivated a profound understanding of the land we farm.

We’re not interested in recreating a specific flavor in our wines year after year, but capturing each unique season through the lens of our growing site. Our goal is to paint with all of the colors, with Montelena expressed in every vintage.

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A unique story in every bottle

Regardless of your wine background, we speak to who you are and where you are. There is a unique story living within each bottle we craft.

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We build our wines to stand
the test of time.

Our cellar, comprising every vintage we’ve made, is testament to this belief. However, ageability isn’t solely a trial of endurance but rather an opportunity to flourish. Each bottle should taste delicious today and continue to evolve, rewarding patience in the future.


Ageability speaks to who we are, not just what we have done.

Established Since 1882 Wine Bottles
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