1987 Alexander Valley Chardonnay

The growing season of 1987 was the first of several successive years with less than normal rainfall. That combined with a very hot summer, resulted in a shortened growing season and early harvest. There is an old cellar adage that an early harvest presages an early maturing wine. We think you will find that to be the case with this Chardonnay.

vintage weather

tasting notes

As in 1981 and 1984, similar 'early' years, this wine shows mature complexities in color and aromas despite it's relative youth. Pineapple fruit and hints of oak and yeast are apparent. As it warms in the glass layers of tropical fruit fragrances characteristic of Alexander Valley Chardonnay mingle with hints of vanilla and caramel from wood ageing.

Upon tasting you immediately 'feel' as much as taste that this is a supple vintage. Lush fruit flavors and a smooth body are again indications of drink ability that belie the wine's youth. The long, smooth finish highlights the balance of the vintage. Best accompanied by seafood such as poached salmon, mussels in saffron or sautéed scallops with ginger. Enjoy…

Harvest Date August 31 to September 11
Sugar At Harvest 23.4° brix
Barrel Aging 6 months
Bottling Date August 1988
Release Date March 1989
Alcohol 13.0%