1975 Napa Valley Chardonnay

The 1975 vintage will be long remembered for its outstanding Chardonnays. The extended cool growing season allowed us to harvest four weeks later than usual. The additional maturing time accentuated the fruit and varietal flavors.

vintage weather

Cool variable. Very cool growing season. Some rains at harvest, but not enough to cause much trouble. Late harvest. Fruit had great balance. Wines notable for elegance and finesse.

tasting notes

Fermented for approximately 6 weeks at 55° F, the resulting wine has substantial body (13.6 alcohol and .72 acid). Aged in French limousine oak barrel for six months, the finished wine exhibits a rich full body with an abundance of fruit and wood flavors. Because of the strength of this vintage, we strongly recommend a minimum of two more years bottle age.

Bottling Date August 1976
Release Date August 1977
Alcohol 13.6%