1995 Napa Valley Chardonnay

In 1995 we had quite cool weather all summer. By August we thought we would be lucky to be done with the vintage by Thanksgiving. The Chardonnay harvest began late, September 9 to be exact. The weather during Harvest was miraculous - six weeks of above average temperatures, really fine and unbelievable ripening weather. A great vintage was developing and we were stoked!

The wines looked great but we wish there were more. The 1995 harvest of Napa Valley Chardonnay at our vineyards in the southern Napa Valley [Oak Knoll District] had the lowest crop yield in many years. Even with a very light crop, the ripeness and flavors seem to be fairly normal and without excessive sugar (e.g., potential alcohol). The fruit ripened at a steady pace and achieved very good physiological maturity and good chemistry. A similar vintage is the '93. It is a softer style vintage and we were careful to match the amount of oak aging to the vintage and to avoid over handling of the wines

vintage weather

Cool. Well above average rainfall. Bloom, veraison and harvest all later than normal. Great ripening weather for 6 weeks.

tasting notes

The wine in the glass lives up to its early promise. The color is brilliant yellow gold, deep but bright. The nose is complex and fabulous: ripe pear, honeysuckle or citrus flower. The oak and cellar tones are in the background. It really is a quite complex nose for such a bright and inviting bouquet of intense Chardonnay character.

Very bright apple chardonnay fruit carries the front palate. It is soft, but intense, with great fruit length. Very refreshing, our 1995 Chardonnay is a great dinner wine, very tasty and will drink well for several years. The complexities of the bouquet carry over very well to the taste; it is very nicely balanced, elegant, supple and strong, and nicely concentrated without distracting cellar tones. We are quite sure you will find this chardonnay distinctive and unique, but best of all, simply super tasty at your table. Enjoy.

Harvest Date September 9 to October 3
Sugar At Harvest 23.3° brix average
Barrel Aging 6 to 8 months
Bottling Date August 1996
Release Date September 1997
Cases Produced 9,000
Alcohol 13.5%