1980 Napa Valley Chardonnay

1980, a vintage year of a cool growing season, went out in a blast of heat that rushed the harvest into becoming the shortest ever. Late in September, the grapes, which had slowly been creeping into maturity, were rushed into the cellar in optimum condition with exceptional character and balanced maturity. The excellent quality of the Napa Chardonnay fruit was especially encouraging, as we had hoped for a wine of distinction to commemorate our Centennial. As the wine matured in Limousin barrels, we knew we had a wine worthy of being a “Centennial issue,” and after an additional year in the bottle, it is living up to our expectations.

vintage weather

Hot. Coolest growing season on record, but heat wave at crush ripened grapes nicely. Intense, well-balanced fruit. Great potential on these wines.

tasting notes

The distinct Chardonnay character of light pineapple with a spicy floral citrus aroma dominates the bouquet. The taste is of rich Chardonnay flavor balanced by a silky body and a refreshing acidity. A faint hint of oak adds another dimension to a distinguished wine.

Harvest Date September 25 to October 10
Sugar At Harvest 23.8° brix
Barrel Aging 7 months
Bottling Date October 1981
Release Date September 1982
Alcohol 13.5%