Based on a True Story

"You mark my words, we'll be drinking wines from South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, China...this is not the end. This is just the beginning."

-Alan Rickman as Steven Spurrier

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Bottle Shock: The Movie

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In the summer of 2007, Hollywood descended on wine country. Randall Miller'sBottle Shock, filmed at Chateau Montelena Winery and other locations around Napa and Sonoma counties, tells the true story of a formerly little-known winery and its remarkable triumph over the French.

Fascinated by the burgeoning California wine industry, the British owner of a struggling Parisian wine shop, Steven Spurrier (Alan Rickman), concocts an idea to jumpstart his business and attract new customers - pit the French against the Americans in a wine tasting showdown. Certain that the established French wines will emerge victorious, Spurrier travels to the New World to sample the wines of Napa Valley with the intention of bringing back a few bottles to include in the blind tasting.

video: Sam Kisses Bo in Cellar

Upon landing in California, Spurrier meets Chateau Montelena Winery owner, Jim Barrett (Bill Pullman), an attorney who left the legal field to start a winery, and his wayward son, Bo (Chris Pine), who works at the winery alongside his father. Spurrier samples the Barretts' Chardonnay, finds himself impressed, and realizes that his planned publicity stunt may have a more profound impact than he had initially imagined.

Back in Paris, on May 24, 1976, a panel of some of the most respected names in the French wine industry convenes to participate in Steven Spurrier's tasting event. In the end, America emerges triumphant as the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay takes top honors, putting California at the forefront of the wine world and changing the future of the wine industry forever. When asked for comment about the victory, Jim Barrett simply replied, "Not bad for kids from the sticks."

Time Magazine published the results of the tasting and word began to spread about what had happened in Paris. The news that California wines were not only good, but comparable to the best wines of France, opened the doors for the rest of the New World to produce world class wine. Today, consumers can enjoy outstanding wines from all over the globe.

Come visit us at the winery to learn more: visit locations where scenes were filmed, discuss fact versus fiction, learn about the actors, and hear stories from the set while tasting the Chardonnay that started it all.

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