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Where has the time gone

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I know, we ask ourselves that every year.  The older, or “more mature” we get, the faster it seems to go.  I could swear we just started October.  As a child, getting to Christmas (and school break) seemed an eternity. The only time that went fast were the two week break before going back to class. What makes it fun, however, is I still get excited for the holidays.  The cold weather, festive decor, spirit of giving just brings a different attitude to everyone.

So here we are.  Holidays 2013.  And this year, I pledge to go through my wine collection; scattered around various family and friends’ homes, and consolidate, purge, and drink or gift some of what I hope are forgotten jewels.  Just as Spring cleaning has become a tradition for some(and should be for others I might add)  This is the type of cleaning that truly is fun.  I will uncover some that needless to say need to simply go away, but I know there are bottles that will bring back memories of the times I was inspired to buy them; and what they may have become now.  If you’re in my area, within pouring distance, be sure to find me after a good cleaning……it is the season of giving!


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