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Vineyard Strolls & Thanksgiving Preparations

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The Fall has been extended and mild this year, temperatures hanging in around the sixties and seventies for most of the last two months.  I have been doing a lot of walking in the vineyard and enjoying the wild life.  There is a pair of great egrets that have been spending a lot of time here, fishing along the shore of Jade Lake or flying up into the willows on the islands. They are so beautiful.


There is also a pod of four river otters that have joined us.  They seem to spend a lot of time in a luxurious  fur bundle on the back of the raft.


So, the last time I posted it was summer and I was lolling in my hammock making plans for Thanksgiving. Now Thanksgiving is next week!  George is right, the older you get the faster the time goes by.  Three of my sisters and one of my brothers are coming with their respective spouses.  It will be nice to spend a quiet Thanksgiving with my family.  I will be picking up the turkey on Tuesday and have handed out the cooking assignments – salad, vegetables and dessert – to everyone else.  I have already laid in a supply of the Potter Valley Riesling and will be picking up some zinfandel, both great with turkey. They will all be arriving on Wednesday and I am looking forward to a long, relaxed weekend.  It should be fun.  Although it wasn’t planned this way it turns out that it will be just my siblings without nieces, nephews, grand-nieces and grand-nephews; just a great bunch of people sitting around remembering the Thanksgivings we had together as kids – Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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