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Tis the Season; Really?

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Is it me, or has this holiday season crept up with a vengeance?  I usually have more time to mentally prepare for it, but before I knew it, Thanksgiving was here.  Now, it’s nearly Christmas.  I’m trying to wrap myself around it; all indications and not so subtle hints have been here. It’s cold…very cold.  Retail commercials started I think, like around November1st.  Christmas music is playing at every gas station, but I just don’t feel Christmasy yet!  I think part of it is how late the harvest/season here went.  We were literally going right up to the week before Thanksgiving.  Another part is getting old and watching time fly by, but that’s for another blog category.

So here we are; two weeks before Christmas, and three before New Year’s Day. And really 18 days until 2012!  I’m still thinking the y2k scare was just last year.  What I do appreciate in the year 2011, however, is I can do my shopping online!  Yes, I can shop at 3am, and have it here in two days.  I don’t have to fight crowds in lines, traffic jams in parking lots, and the constant music!!!  But wait, perhaps that’s why I’m missing the Christmas spirit?  You really only get that with other company.

Alright, so in writing this blog, I’ve figured out why I don’t have the “spirit” yet….So, here I go, expensive fuel costs, parking, screaming kids, crowds…now I feel Christmasy!




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