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The Grapes are Near!

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Finally!  We’re at 22 brix; now we need just a bit more!  The heat is on and things are looking good.  The challenge for our production team, however, is that it looks like everything will be coming in at the same time.  Normally we get our white grapes first, then the reds and lastly the Riesling (I know, it’s white, but it ripens late because it’s coastal).  This year is the perfect storm.  Do we have room for all the grapes? Not to worry; you won’t see any blush wine coming out as we lump them all together.  Our renovated high-tech cellar and experienced vineyard and production teams are in full preparation to handle all the influx of grapes.  Will it be easy? No way – it’ll be very long days and nights in the weeks ahead, but we can take homage that the end result is always worth it.

We are bracing ourselves for the impending storm….

The grapes are nearly here!

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