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The Benefits of Moving

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So I just moved from one place to another in St. Helena and I forgot just how fun it can be.  I must’ve been drunk when I wrote that sentence.  My new place is 6 blocks from my current residence, so I figured, ‘why pack everything up so neat and tidy to just go 6 blocks and then unpack again?’  So, my bright idea was to go by every day after work, load up my car, and drop off stuff at the new place.  The challenge is, it stretched my move from one full day into about 7 mini days.  Oh how this is dragging on!  Plus, I’m not sure how safe it is, even in a residential neighborhood like SH, to have one hand on the steering wheel and the other balancing my Riedel Grand Cru Sommelier glasses on the passenger seat.

What I did realize (just as I have on all my past moves)  is how much stuff I can get rid of.  After not using or seeing it for a couple years,  I realize how insignificant some material things are; or over time, they’ve lost their sentimental value; and they can be better appreciated by someone else.  I know if I had a residence I lived in for decades, I’d be a classic hoarder.  With the frequent moves, I’ve purged a lot more, and it feels good.   I finally got rid of my disco clothes that I hung onto forever, figuring I’d need it for some Halloween or theme party soon (and giving it no mind that I couldn’t fit in them anyways!).

By now, you’re wondering, “hey, this is a wine blog; where’s the reference to wine?”  Well, I did mention my Riedel glasses!  And, the other benefit of moving: after moving my wines, I realized, I have a lot to drink.   Moral of this story: Even if you’re not moving, do an occasional check of your wine stock; you may find some gems that need to be consumed.  So throw a party to do just that…and make sure to send an invite my way.


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