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Thanksgiving is Here?

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It just doesn’t feel right that Thanksgiving is next week.  We’re just not in the holiday mode yet (despite the fact that the weather, tv commercials and retail stores are already getting Christmas into our heads).  I remember back in the days when it used to be after Thanksgiving that we saw the holiday transformation happen.

Now is a good time to reflect on what to serve with your meals.  I’m seeing more and more households move away from turkey, but whatever you choose to serve, be the hero and make a good wine pairing.  A lot of us get caught into that ” I don’t want to bring great wine to be wasted on my aunt, who would just throw an ice cube in it anyways.”  For me, being in the industry, I’m expected to bring good stuff, so I work to uphold my reputation.  I’ve turned a lot of wine cooler/boxed wine people into budding wine snobs – they hate and love me at the same time…they can never go back to the bad stuff.

So, I encourage you to bring something good to the table.  Educate; spread the wealth.  If, after pouring Aunt Mary a great Zin or Chard and she tastes it then STILL reaches for the ice cubes…well, then she just gets jug wines from now on.



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