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We have a new face on the blog! Lynn Pedone will be working in the vineyard, with Dave Vella and his crew, as she pursues her studies in Viticulture at Santa Rosa Junior College. A little background on Lynn: she’s a recent East Coast transplant, has lived all over the world growing up in a military family and has previously worked in the world of business and finance. She’s now hoping to settle into her “last career stop until retirement” in the wine industry and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about vineyard maintenance with Dave.  Lynn will be writing a weekly blog post about her experiences working in the Chateau Montelena vineyards.  Read her latest post below:

Wednesday was my last day at Chateau Montelena – I go back to school today for my last semester of viticulture study at Santa Rosa Junior College.  While I am happy to be returning to classes, I am sad that my summer vineyard “internship” here is over, and want to thank everyone who played a role in making it the valuable experience I hoped it would be.  I learned a lot of things about growing grapes that I expected to learn – methods of irrigation, canopy management, and pest control, among others.  What I did not expect to learn: how hard the work really is!  Now when I hear someone say “the vineyard is where wine is made,” I will understand firsthand what they mean.  I also did not expect that I would enjoy the company of my coworkers as much as I did – they helped to make each vineyard day a good one for me with their positive attitudes, good nature, and guidance. Jamie Rothberg, Marketing Coordinator, allowed me to share her blog space and was always helpful and responsive to my questions.  But my biggest thanks has to go to Montelena’s Vineyard Manager, Dave Vella.  Dave related to my desire to learn, and was willing to give me this opportunity, something for which I will always be grateful.  On my last day, I posed for this picture (below) with some of the vineyard crew.  Only half were available at the time we took the picture, but my thoughts were with all 13 of them…Hasta la vista!

Lynn, on behalf of the whole Montelena Family, we wish you all the best in your next wine adventure!

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