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Swan(less)Lake and Other Tidbits on Nature

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I’ve written a few times about mother nature’s awesome power and influence, and she strikes again!   We tragically lost our latest pair of swans in Jade Lake to a hungry predator. Our first reaction after sadness was anger towards the beast. I realized, however, how nature really is at full display here at the Chateau.  Foxes, coyotes, skunks, racoons, bobcats, turkeys, and yes, even bears have been spotted in the vicinity.  At least 3 mentioned are not vegetarians either.  Part of the beauty of the grounds at Chateau Montelena are the natural surroundings, and keeping it wild.  This means we’re on stage to what happens in nature.  We’ve all seen it on National Geographic or the Animal Channel; it’s just a bit more shocking when it comes to your back yard so to speak.

Just a couple months ago, during a heavy wind storm, we lost a 100 foot eucalyptus tree; it fell in front of our driveway in a way that was least damaging and harmful to property and life.  It could have been a lot worse. All we lost besides the tree and a few other trees along it’s path, was power and phones for part of the day. (and I’m not sure that was a bad thing!:)  Losing a 150 year old behemoth gave new light, literally, opening up the sun to help new growth and young trees to thrive now.

And now, we, along with the whole state, are faced with a drought of epic proportions; of which, many of the new generations or recent California transplants have not seen.  I don’t remember the last significant rain fall we’ve had. The hills are brown, the lakes are low.  Strong urgings by the local communities to conserve may lead to mandatory cutbacks and fines.  Mother nature at it again.  We’ll survive, and thrive, as we always do, but what this is may be a wake up call; helping us remember to appreciate our precious natural resources.  We’ll learn to adapt, where conservation rather than waste is the norm.  We’ll all be fine.  But once again, I’m just amazed that despite modern comforts and technology growing, and yet the lack of rain will impact us greatly, in a domino effect, our economy, and our way of life.

Ok, so what’s the moral of this blog?  Save water, drink wine….:)






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