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Summer’s Here!

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Well, it felt like Summer was in high form this past weekend as we hit triple digits in the Napa Valley.  According to the seasonal calendar, summer doesn’t actually start until tomorrow but that’s California for you!  It’s not a very predictable state. I remember many years ago watching weather reporters on the local news seemingly always getting the weather predictions wrong.  As a young teenager, I figured, this is science - there’s factual data to look at (and we can we travel to space) – so how can we not get weather right?  Today, however, I think they do a pretty good job.  Case in point: they predicted 100 degrees in St. Helena; it hit about 101 degrees.  They predicted a drop off Sunday to about 88 degrees; it was 89.

Anyways, this Summer season is starting off unlike the last two years where we saw rain and cool days as late as June and July.   I think this will be a great year for the vines (and my garden..more to come on that)!

How’s Summer shaping up in your area?

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