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Stop the Presses…Please!

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Ok, I know I commented on this in a blog a while ago, but I’ll re state it since it is important to know.  The press will unmercifully declare the 2011 vintage in California a disaster.  Yes, the weather has been less than optimal for growing wine grapes, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  We’ve had late June rains, followed by a mild Summer and then a few October rains.  Some wineries continue that panic of “bringing in grapes” before the rains hit.  Well,  they’re basically saying “we’ll sacrifice optimal time for picking to avoid a total disaster.”  We, on the other hand, let nature run its course.  Over the decades, Mother Nature has really found ways to correct herself.  Our winemaking team continues to prove to us how good this year is shaping up.  We sampled juices of recently harvested fruit, and it’s as deep and rich as always.  Now, I may not be the best judge to taste wine in its infancy and be able to declare it a stellar product, but I have a pretty good sense of recognizing great wine by trying the juice over the years.

Will this year be one for the ages?  It’s too early to tell, but don’t be too quick to write it off.  In the winemaking circles, this vintage will test the mettle of who really knows what they’re doing in trenches.  I have all the confidence in our team….and proof has always been in the bottle.

The 1998 vintage was recognized for less than optimal growing conditions, but has proven to be a star over the years.



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