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Procrastinating Doesn’t Pay

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For those who waited till the day before an exam and then crammed – it didn’t work, did it?  If you waited till the last day of a clothing sale, you’ve probably often found the inventory to be limited to sizes of except Small and XXL.  Well, it works that way here too!  With a small harvest, our 2008′s are either gone, or going fast!  Well, many current releases as well.   The 2010 Riesling?  Gone.  Our 2008 Zinfandel? Gone.  And 2008 Napa Cabernet and 2007 Estate Cabernet? Going very, very soon.

I blinked and then they’re gone.  Will we have wine to sell? Yes, we will; but if you have a library or would like to continue your vertical, don’t wait till the last-minute!

Find the wine you’re looking for here.

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