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Pairing Fine Wine with Fine Art

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We always hear about pairing wine with food but how about pairing your favorite art form such as music, painting or sculpture with a complementary wine as well?

For mid-century art forms such as modern jazz and classical music, abstract paintings or sculpture, I prefer the Chateau Montelena “Napa Valley” wines with their clean and delicate complexities. I Like Chardonnay with Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, or interesting classical composers like Ravel. The Cabernet with Coltrane definitely works and is also excellent for events where rock is on the menu. Paintings by Klee, Miro, and Picasso will also pair well with our “Napa” wines.

For the “heavier” stuff a contrast is sometimes the way to go. Potter Valley Reisling, fragrant and fruity, with Mahler, often dark and brooding. The fact that they are both German in origin plays well for this type of pairing. I also like Reisling with Mozart (depending on the piece) and some of the other classics as well. Also nice for events where “easy listening” is the musical order of the day.

Renaissance painting, big band jazz, classical composers–Montelena Estate Cabernet.

Medieval chants, English lute music, traditional Scottish and Irish melodies, “folk” art–Montelena Estate Zinfandel with it’s lighter “claret” (the English word for table wines imported from France prior to 1700 and still in use today) style.

Just like pairing the right wine with the right food, pairing the right wine with the right artist can bring out the best in both. Something to think about the next time you play a recording or thumb through a book of fine art and open a bottle of vino.


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