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Garden Entry, Part Two

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So, a few weeks ago I mentioned the abundance of harvest from my garden.  Well, it continues…  Now, the tomatoes are  coming in fast and furious just as squash is finishing up the growing season.  And yes, I’ve found the most creative ways to get rid of squash – number one: charities.

I definitely had those heavy ambitions when we planted the tomatoes.  Over 40 plants. I figured, ‘Eh, they’re small.  We’ll see what we get.’  The more veteran farmers looked at me with a bit of disbelief, saying they planted 2 or 3 for their families, and that’s probably more than they’ll need.   Ok, so now I am hauling away bushels of these beauties, and making lots of friends and family members very happy by sharing the bounty.

In one sense, it’s great – there’s nothing better than vine-ripened tomatoes.  Even more so when you go to the store and see them at $5/lb!

I’ve learned my lesson…but next year, I’m sure I’ll do it all over again the same way!


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