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It happens every year…this time, the 41st time matter of fact. Yet, every time, we’re like kids waking up on Christmas morning.  Yes, harvest is upon us.  Chardonnay coming in fast and furious.  Time for us to break open new equipment, dust the old ones.  We all gather around as if it’s something new to us.  There’s an excitement in the air.  It’s what makes me realize, again, that we’re really just farmers.  Every time I crack open a bottle, swirl, sip, slurp and enjoy wines in a formal setting, it really comes down to the fact it’s grapes. Grapes; enjoyed for centuries; loved by kids as raisiny snacks, a can of sweet juice in their lunch bag, Waldorf salads,…  Ok, these are much more than Thompson Seedless, I know.

Harvest is early.  Nice, warm Summer days, cool nights; setting up for a potentially great season.  What also excites the team; we can be done by mid October.  Nice after several years of late harvests.  Not only does it hamper personal holiday plans, it stressed everyone out that it didn’t rain or freeze over.

Anyways, the magic is just beginning.  Come see for yourselves.



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