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American Dream

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We have a new face on the blog! Lynn Pedone will be working in the vineyard, with Dave Vella and his crew, as she pursues her studies in Viticulture at Santa Rosa Junior College. A little background on Lynn: she’s a recent East Coast transplant, has lived all over the world growing up in a military family and has previously worked in the world of business and finance. She’s now hoping to settle into her “last career stop until retirement” in the wine industry and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about vineyard maintenance with Dave.  Lynn will be writing a weekly blog post about her experiences working in the Chateau Montelena vineyards.  Read her latest post below:

Placido Garcia Hernandez, Montelena’s vineyard foreman, tells the quintessential story of the American dream.  I sat down with this integral member of the Chateau Montelena team to learn more about his life and work in the vineyards.  Placido, whose birthday is on July 4th, came to California from Mexico in 1961.  As a teenager, he worked hard picking tomatoes, melons, pears and peaches in the fields and orchards of Sacramento, eventually working his way west to his first grape harvest in the Napa Valley.  He has been with Chateau Montelena for 37 years, since 1974.  When I asked Placido what the best thing is about working at Montelena, he replied without even thinking about it – “every day.”  Every day he is happy to be here, and thanks God he still has the energy to work.  He explained that Montelena is a very special place, a “nice place to work,” where there is good communication and support, and where it feels like family.  Most of all, Placido told me, Montelena is what enabled him to realize his American dream: that of buying a home and sending his children to school.  He is proud that he has been able to share his dream with his wife Maria and their family of four girls (including a set of twins) and a boy, all grown now with children of their own – his six grandchildren.  He is also very proud of the fact that he has been a part of the many changes that have taken place here since he started.  He told me how different Montelena looked back then (fewer vines) and also how different Calistoga was – he can remember when you could buy a pitcher of “cerveza” for one dollar!  I was curious to get his take on the Paris tasting and what happened in 1976; Placido remembers that it was a “big deal” – but not just for Chateau Montelena.  That event put Napa on the virtual world wine map, and everyone who made wine in the Napa Valley was forever inspired to strive to make the best wine they possibly could.  Placido admits he doesn’t really know much about making wine or even describing wine – he “can only say if it’s good” – but he does know about grapes and vines.  I’ve admired his expertise and have been fortunate to have his guidance and support this summer.   It would be hard to imagine Chateau Montelena without Placido!

Placido in the Vineyard

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