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A Whole Lotta Nothin’

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So that’s my topic for this blog post – no theme, just random thoughts and maybe a little tribute to the late Andy Rooney…”ever wonder why…”.

I’ve been awol for a couple weeks.  In my line of work, I take days off when I can; it just so happened that the last 2 weeks that day off fell on Tuesday which is my blog day.   Yes, I guess I could’ve blogged Wednesday, but I’m a creature of habit.  By Wednesday, blogging is deprogrammed from my mind.

I think Fall just blew right by us.  Summer wasn’t all that great, but what happened to the transitional season?  It’s been in the 30′s here at night…just when this growing season is mercifully over.

So did this harvest crash and burn?  Not exactly.  Maybe we didn’t bring in as much fruit as previous years, but the quality is good!  Take it from the writers’ mouth: I’ve tasted the 2011 juice and it is darn good.

Just finished the CSW test yesterday (Certified Specialist of Wine). After 6 months of study sessions with my peers and two weeks of intense studying (and cramming), I quickly remembered why I swore off college after graduation…tests really suck!  While the subject matter is interesting (and my profession), getting graded on it raises that stress level just a bit…just like I was in back in college.  I’m just glad it’s over; pass or fail.  Now I can go back to watching mindless tv and bad sports without guilt.

I am gonna miss the vegetable garden fun.  My body will, too.  I’m having thoughts of a winter garden, but trudging around out there in cold and wet just isn’t as motivating to get a few heads of garlic.  I’ll probably pass and wait till the Spring.

For those on the West, stay warm.  For those gloating in the Midwest (that you’re warmer than us right now…), remember you still have December, January, February, March…let’s talk then.




  1. George, let us know how the CSW results go. I took the exam in February and I really did feel like I was back in school waiting weeks for those results. Good luck!

    November 10, 2011 at 5:05 am | Permalink

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