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2010 Riesling; Killer

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Have you ever tried our Riesling?  If so, hopefully you can back up my blog. If not, you’re missing something special. When we do have it in stock (only about 1600 cases made; sold out in December), we have it in our tasting room lineup for tasting.  A lot of people see our flight, and say, “you know, let’s just skip the Riesling.”  After insisting they try, 9 out of 10 are amazingly surprised!  It’s not the sweet, boring wine that gave Riesling a bad rap over the past 30 years.   Germany, France, Austria, and even Australia have been making some wonderful off-dry Rieslings the rest of the world has appreciated far more than us Americans.

Well, mark your calendars!  We release the 2010 Riesling in May, and after previewing it, this stuff is gonna fly out of our tasting room. The good news: we made more. The bad news: only 300 cases.

You can get the Riesling: at the Chateau, if you’re a club member, from some of our select restaurant and hotel accounts, or at our tasting room at the St. Francis in San Francisco.  Perfect Summer wine (assuming we have a “normal” warm Summer here!); don’t let the initial press on 2010 as a vintage fool you.  More on that next week.

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