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A Spin For Your Next Dinner Party…

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Patrick Widen blog 7_8

Here is something fun to try with your friends or family. Each month my Fiancé and I get together with some friends/family and someone will host a dinner and the rest of us will bring the wines. We pick a certain varietal or region and each couple/person has to bring something between $5 – $50. We bag up the wine bottles so nobody knows what each wine is, and pour them into a set of glasses in front of each person. Everyone gets a glass for each wine; so, if 5 wines were brought in, then each person has 5 glasses. Next step: pour and taste! We rate the wines 1 through 5 – 1 being your favorite and 5 being your least favorite. We also have a pad of paper and a pen to make notes. Once everyone is finished, we go around the table and tally up the numbers for each wine. The three lowest scoring wines are determined and the persons responsible for bringing those wines get a little prize. We uncover all the wines and go around the table to see who brought which bottle. Performing fun little tastings like this are great because you get to try a couple of wines, all at different price points, and you just might surprise yourself or the rest of the group with the winners.

Each month you get to pick different wines, paired with new meals, and you can even pick wines from a particular region. Or, have people bring the same varietal but from different regions.  Have fun, and best of all, enjoy the wines and good times to be had with those close to you!


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